Violoncello da Spalla Comparison, 2005 VS 2019. But why to compare? I guess, I am just curious.

Anyway, everybody is curious.

Audiences potentially compare you to one of the "Top 10".

Colleagues sometimes probably compare you to themselves.

You perhaps occasionally compare yourself to the colleageus and to the Top 10.

"Dima! Just stop it! You don't need to listen to the recordings to get interpretation ideas!" you see an very round man, with very round face, a few hairs around his head, a few hears on (and in) his nose, and wonderfully similing green eyes telling a chap of 20 or so, standing by an old black grand-piano with yellowing ivory keys, and with a portrait of Brahms hanging above it.

"Okay, Okay, Mark Mikhailovich, I won't… If you say so…"

It's 1989, Leningrad….

Fastforward 2019. I have the feeling. Just wanted to share.

Because that transforming feeling of freedom of creation came suddenly in 2005, when I picked the spalla and two weeks after I made it you'd see me on stage as a soloist with La Petite Bande (I had no idea how to play it and no one noticed 😂).

On the moments when you stop comparing yourself to others, you start building your own standards up, the audience gets the rare chance to enjoy music as is. And the instrument like Violoncello da spalla makes it so much easier.

p.s. Adlung, Bach's contemporary, "Viola da spalla is also known as Violoncello". L.Mozart, "Violoncello is also played between the legs", Walther, "Violoncello is an Italian instrument played like the violin". Composers in the 17th-18th centuries call it simply "Violoncello". You might enjoy teaching this to the music fans of yours.


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