Excited to present the new custom created Violoncello da spalla
for a young soloist, ensemble leader and conductor Daniel Lee from New York.

Excited about Daniels formally
joining the ranks of distinguished musicians such as
Sigiswald Kuijken, Ryo Terakado, Sergey Malov… playing on this instrument of my design too.

And, specially, envy Daniel's audiences and presenters in NYC discovering the magic on their shores.

Can never forget the faces of my audiences seeing such a small instrument ,
expecting, at best, the common viola sound and hearing the deep cello sound instead.

Go wonder, why Bach and his contemporaries simply LOVED this.
Go wonder why great musicians today simply LOVE this.

What about you, now that you know?

Will you do as if it does not exist?

That's what people ignoring Classical music and Classical musicians do, yes or no?

IMHO, classical musicians will do better by doing the contrary, yes or no?
These are my thoughts. Share yours below.


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