One common false belief about Violoncello da spalla is that you have to be a giant person to play it.
Here is the thing:
Ancient instrument makers were pretty good at knowing what they were doing. And ergonomics always were important even in the 16th-17th centuries.
The truth is, most players who play it today aren't giants. In fact, couple of clients of mine are small persons.
Would you agree that ancients were good professionals?
What you see right now on the screen is not some giant. I am pretty normal too.
If play violin or viola, have you ever held a guitar in your hands? If you did, you already know something about the different hand posture I want to show in this video.
Now that you know it, what are you going to do? Postpone for ever thinking it's not for you? Or jump right in and have all that fun?
The point:
You have a gift. Make it more obviously different for non-musicians to understand, so they cab join you on your journey and enjoy all the music you create.


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