It's a gorgeous looking man with very curly hair, colour of barley in autumn, and he is at my violin making studio…

If you have seen my other videos, you know what it looks like…

I will just add, you smell wood and varnish, and it is usually brightly lit, because of the huge window just in front of my bench.

"What is it that you want to do, Andreas? Get job at an orchestra or teach or…?"

"Yeah, Dmitry, I dream to make Baroque music more appreciated. The problem is, in the area where I live, no one cares, people have such a narrow mind…"

Actually, I believe the contrary.

I believe, it's true only when no one knows, no one cares.

So the step number one, is making people know what they miss and why it matters to them in such a way that they can't say it does not matter.

Because if you are a musician and you give them the reason to think it doesn't matter, you're doomed.

That's how orchestras get closed, music education wiped, and everything gets moved to Spotify, iTunes and other modern platforms.

Which is great! Almost free music!

But not necessarily make the lives and skills of musicians more appreciated. Or music more valuable.

Making Silk Strings And Why I Believe Anyone Should Care

It's a video with very beautiful imagery, about silk strings made in Japan, I thought you might be touched to discover it for yourself.

Beautiful tradition such as this was also very common in Europe.

Silk and gut were common materials for violin strings.
Though gut was more common.

Today no one knows, so now one cares. As result, in Europe this tradition of musical strings is gone for good.

What else is gone for good around violins?

Something as basic as designing authentic original models; and that's the #1 lesson taught by all of the Masters of the Golden Age…

The #1 lesson systematically ignored.


For some people, like myself, it's just bleeds.

Because I believe that beauty deserves living, yes or no?

But when no one knows, no one cares.

Potentially you thought, if you are a professional classical musician and you dedicated your entire life to music, that there is no tradition of going to Classical music concerts in the area where you live?

(Unless you live in one of those majour cities such as London, NYC or Vienna?)

The point is, it's the contrary.

Simply. Not. Enough. People. Know.

Share your passion. Tell people why it matters. Or keep silence and watch what matters the most die.

I hope you found some value in this video.

Share it if you know anyone who cares.

And thanks my friend and violin maker Takumi Takakura for sharing this video in our Inner Circle.

Video credits: Marusan,


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