If this goes ahead you either risk your valuable violin or bow confiscated, or you must rush to your repairer to replace mammoth bone for something obviously plastic.

The official proposal is to ban Mammoth (fossil ivory), not because it is endangered species, but because it looks similar to elephant ivory and elephants are endangered species.

If that's what it takes to save elephants,
I am YES with both hands to support this.

However, the question is, why not ban also plastic which looks similar to ivory?

I doubt a Customs Official is capable of distinguishing between ivory, mammoth and plastic imitation ivory.

A few years ago I was used to decorate my instruments with Siberian mammoth bone (about 10,000 years old).
Never used elephant ivory, except couple of times, when the ivory came from a 100 years old billiard ball bought at a flee market.

About 10 years ago I changed to using only ebony to help my clients to avoid potential troubles.


Credits: Timothy McCluskey Thanks for sending this to me.

Image Credit: https://www.theatlantic.com/…/the-lonely-thirsty-fi…/493886/

You might want to warn your friend playing a violin or viola where the nut or the saddle, or the bow frog are made of mammoth ivory.



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