It's Leningrad, 1990 or so… I can't remember the exact date.

You're standing on a very old, reddish oak floor smelling of wax. There is an old Bechstein grand piano on the right, and a deep, very old, leather armchair on the left.

You can hear sounds of piano from the room next door, and the noise of the trams passing past the Conservatoire from the outside.

Through the three very tall windows you can see the square and the monument of Rimsky Korsakov set in bronze…

"Dima, music is like a story, and that story is about life", you see him as he speaks from his armchair, with his very round bald head, smile, short hands crossed on his round belly, "Are you getting it?"

"Yes, Mark Mihailovich…"

"So, Dima, the point is, if your life is just practice, practice, practice… then you have nothing to express in your music, do you understand?"

I thought you might enjoy this video…
if you haven't seen it yet.

Tag a friend who might need to be reminded.


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