Let's say, you want to do what you love but you have "no opportunity" or "no time"…

Yeah! I hear what you might be saying, "Not in my country, Dmitry!"


It's actually simple: 1. You 2. Create 3. Opportunities.

Yeah, I hear this, lots of people you respect might tell you, "This is simply impossible", or "Not unless you're stinky rich" or "Not unless you play better than anyone else" or… or… or…

Wait! With all due respect but here is what I believe and do not believe…

Rule 1. You Create Opportunities.
Rule 2. Never forget rule number 1.

I don't believe that the future of classical music is in somebody else doing the following:

1. Starting new symphony orchestras in every town.
I guess, more will be shut down.

2. Building new opera houses in all over the place
I hope the existing ones will all keep functioning.

3. Building new conservatoires to absorb thousands of new musicians seeking for jobs to produce more musicians.

4. New festivals to give all musicians opportunities to perform.

5. Government support to support each and every musician.

6. New artist agencies to promote all those who want to make music.

All of the above is so cutely 20th century.
I believe this is not going to happen in the next 10-20-50 years.

I do believe:

The most creative and the most open-minded professionals in classical music will create:

1. Amazing, successful chamber ensembles all over the place. Without government support, without even sponsors, without dirty backstage politics or elbow work.

2. They will make classical music experiences very personalised.

3. Many freelance musicians will undertake amazing projects classical music industry could not even imagine.

4. They will have their own labels and their own channels of distribution.

6. They will be their own agents and promoters.

7. They will make music and be rewarded accordingly for the value they bring, and not on the today's ridiculous "Mozart per-hour" basis.

8. Those who give employment to others will benefit the most.

9. Those having faith in their passion and using the slight edge will have it all.

Watch tips 1, and 2 if you missed.

And the tip #3 – just click play.

Success is not luck.
It is science.

And today is the best time ever in history.

Lots of love from The Hague, The Netherlands.


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