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Tip #1 of 3 – How To Make Your Career More Fun and More Sustainable…

This is for you if you are a freelancer string player and you are potentially worried that the people who employ you currently will just stop hiring you. For a reason or no reason…

This is for you if you've been trying hard to enter an orchestra, but no matter how well you perform, orchestras always find something wrong.

This is for you if you tried or created an ensemble of your own, and you've been sending application after application to potential sponsors or agents or festivals, and nobody was interested. Maybe this even made you feel disheartened, burned out.

This is for you are a successful freelance or orchestra musician, maybe with internationally established career. You are doing what you love, travelling around the world, you’re hardly ever at home, making huge sums of money for your performances. And the downside maybe is that your relationships and health suffer, you don't have any time even for yourself… and hey, maybe you'd love to play something else, but your agent wants you to play just "The Best Of…"

And, LOL, yet again from my own experience – how much is left from what you earn to you, after your agent has paid himself or herself?

Frankly, that' usually barely enough to cover up the costs of living which might potentially be yet another reason for you to want to be the owner of your talent.

Happy New Week.

Stay in tune for video with the tip #2 that will come tomorrow at exactly the same time.


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