If you are blessed to be a freelance violinist or violist, then this is for you. It normally retails at €25, but for you it is FREE just because you've been following my page and I appreciate it.

The best of all, it’s nothing crazy… Polarising? Yes, for sure, but not crazy!

Well, maybe except for the fact that it's played by a violin maker 😱 and I take all the blame for the imperfect playing on myself (Any squeaks and all the notes played out-of-tune are my fault and my and only my responsibility).


You might agree, it is simply an amazing music!

And, in fact, it is simply an amazing opportunity for YOU to discover by yourself IF you're playing violin or viola.

I don't know where you're now in your career, you might be thinking, “life is complicated enough with just the violin. People in my area don’t want classical music, even not the Best of Classics, who wants something they don't even know that it exists?”

In fact, it’s not the case.

People don’t want the same thing all over again, like the same dish for a dinner every time, but they are very receptive to something fresh.

So, you might just as well be asking, "what could I do fresh today? Maybe play something nobody plays. And maybe have all these people who love music and want something fresh rather come to my concerts?"

If you did not know about Violoncello's more common version – the one that has been played by violinists-violists till mid 18th century, it’s because History is like an old book.

Sometimes pages fall out from those old books until someone – like you – finds them and lovingly puts them back.

So, the time is right for you to enjoy this FREE and INSTANT download and discover it for yourself.

Click if you want the download link:

==> https://m.me/badiarov.violins?ref=w3017165

P.S. Thank you. And of course, if you already have this CD, share your opinion below to let your friends know.


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