In the age of 3D printing, robots replacing humans and streaming replacing live musicians this may seem just crazy. If you are a thoughtful violinist, violist or cellist, you might find it interesting that for 2000+ years some minds of standing such as Plato have seen Music in everything, in growing grass, leaves of trees, flowers and even human soul. This made impact on the instrument you play.

You might be fascinated to discover what Vitruvius wrote a whole book about it, and added that that "skilled craftsmen who fashioned musical instruments" used the laws of harmonics which the architects used in designing buildings with good acoustics.

Galileo wrote that these laws determined sizes of instruments within an instrumental consort.

And then something crazy happened…

Maybe a giant asteorid hit Italy around mid 18th century and the idea of music in musical instruments was lost for good.

And replaced first by humans copying violins, then copying posters of violins.

Then the factories came and replaced a vast numbers of poster-copyers.

And now robots are replacing humans copying posters to do the job.

Do you agree that this poses threat to the industry you're passionate about?

But the beautiful tradition is still there for you to discover.

And then make the decision:

* to dismiss it as crazy or

* cherish it as your cultural heritage and a source of inspiration

Yes or no?

Whenever you happen to be in Italy, or indeed almost anywhere in the old, up to the end of the 18th century Europe, all you see around yourself is – MUSIC.

Musical instruments were also a part of it.

This is what makes Badiarov Violins very special.

25 years in business of making originals, my client's won't let me lie.

Enjoy the video!

Let me know if you found it interesting. Just comment below Yes or No.



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