So, you create music on a violin, viola or a cello or any other stringed instrument?

Are you giving a piece of your heart in every sound you produce?

It’s been decades since you dedicated your life to it… but in this video I wanted to do something VERY DIFFERENT.

In this video I want to take you on a journey to a slightly different epoch.

Imagine, somewhere in the late 17th century when this art was still known to some instrument makers across Italy and apparently Spain.

(Of course I did not record this video in Italy late 17th century, it was in The Hague in 2015, but let’s just play a fun game…)

How would you feel to take that journey with myself and talk to the persons who created the works of music you love so much today?

Or perhaps you could speak to the instrument makers of the past, whose instruments you can even not dream to afford today, and ask them, “Hey, what’s that most important thing you find in… ?”

Would that make you feel excited, joyful, like a dream coming true, finally all pieces of the puzzle coming together… ?

In one of my posts I shared Leonardo da Vinci’s words about the art of paining which “declines and perishes because painters have not other source of inspiration than the painting already created”.

This is what’s happening today in violin making. Funny… There are more violin makers today than ever in history, yet the art of violin making declines and perishes.

Just make copies from posters.
And for that matter, only a few posters of only a few violins.

That’s the tradition. It’s been like this since the 19th century.

Don’t get me wrong, there are outstanding instrument makers who make fantastic copies from posters and I certainly do not look down on their approach.

But taking the same route for myself was an ethical issue.

If the words of da Vinci are true for painting, would the same be not true for violin making?

Did I you want to contribute into the problem?
Or did I want to contribute into the solution?

So 25 years ago I decided to never make an instrument again, unless I found out two things: 1. How the old masters thought because obviously everything is a thought and belief process.
2. Why they did not leave any treatise. This must have been very simple.

About a decade ago finally I found out WHY. It’s so simple that even a 5-years old baby can remember the principle, the WHY. The HOW is not so important because there are so many different HOWs.

See, some people follow traditions.
Some create traditions.

Here we create traditions.

Would my guessing be correct that you want to make music and you want to make a difference?

Would it be correct to make a supposition that in order to make a difference you need to STAND OUT from the crowd?

And would it be correct to make a supposition that in order to stand out from the crowd all you have to do is BE YOURSELF?

And yes, as a violinist who wants to make a difference it would probably make sense to you to pick an ORIGINAL rather than a copy, because playing on copies or even poster-copies is what everybody does.

Yes or no?

Just play the video and relax. Turn the sound on. You will love the tune. ENJOY!

#badiarovviolins #dmitrybadiarov #modernoriginals

Master at work :
From concept to realisation,
built in the traditional manner, when creating originals was considered the norm.
Free-hand designing violin model. Live-rec.


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