Violoncello da spalla – work in progress at my sun-lit workshop in The Hague, The Netherlands, July 19, 2018.

Smell of varnish in the air!

… but it's not what I wanted to share. It's certainly not about the picture or what I do right now.

You might be an amazing violinist or violist…

And I even might guess where you might be right now in your life. I've been in almost every situation in which you might be as well.

You might be an amazing freelancer but just not getting enough concerts and feeling wasted and treated unfairly. “Why them, why not you!?” And maybe you think, maybe everybody is right, and I just should get a “normal” job. Have you ever felt like this, yes or no?

Or you might be a luckier freelancer and you got an agent or representer in some form or shape, but maybe when they ask you to pay for their “services” you wonder, “Whoa!! What services!?” Or maybe they are in fact doing a great job… just there is not much money left to reward you for what you do. And you might feel frustrated if not just outright angry.

Or maybe you are an amazing successful string player, and you tour all around the world! Cool! You share a piece of your heart with people who loves what you do, amazing colleagues you love to work with, there is just one issue – despite working 24/7 you're sacrificing your health, relationships and just not earning enough to take all your family with you on your tours. Does it sound a little bit like you, yes or no?

And in my career I figured out you need to know just a few skills that will change all this for you, and you will be in a different place. Doing what you love, for people who love what you do, your getting on the radio, tv, newspapers and all that stuff and making quite a bit more money along the way, and nope! – you don't have to work 24/7, you can afford to focus on doing only what you're born to do. How would that be for you?

But later about this… because this is not what I wanted to share. Don't worry, if you're a string player and what I do makes sense to you, simply send me a message and say “Hi”

Here I wanted to share with you if you are a professional instrument maker.

So, you are an amazing maker?
And do you charge money for what you do? For example, for the instruments you build?

That's interesting isn't it? Because you know how much you charge, say for a violin, and you probably know how long it takes to create one.

If you are like myself you know it so well, that you know it not in weeks or days, you know it in hours.

Therefore you probably know how much you make per hour.

So, imagine now, you are about to bring back to life an unjustly extinct instrument such as the violoncello da spalla – that's what you see on the photograph anyway.

The traditional thinking says, just buy a poster or a drawing with a table of measurements, and get the stuff done. Boom. Done.

(Go wonder why musicians do not exactly rush to part with their money if that's the approach, yes or no?)

But by now you probably figured out, that having a pile of posters and drawings at your workshop is not what made you a GREAT instrument maker. It's something else.

Otherwise everybody would be a great instrument maker; just buy a pile of posters.

You would probably have to put your heart into it. Do you agree, yes or no?

And this means you'd have to make it your own language first, because it is difficult to put heart into a language one does not speak.

This means a LOT of research, blood and sweat, and just a table of measurements won't cut it. Yes or no? Unless you are a Mr or Mrs 3D Printer.

Now, I actually wanted to share a secret.

Reconstruction of this instrument took me initially 6 months of library and museum time and criss-crossing Europe multiple times. Just in case you wondered what it takes.

Add to this 15+ years of practical experience.

Six months of research is 1200 hours. Now you can multiply your hourly rate by 1200 hours and this will give you an idea of what making it YOUR OWN would cost, because you won't be able to make quite a number of instruments while you're traveling across Europe. So, in my case it is €72,000 not counting the airline fees, hotel fees etc., and last but not least, fixing mistakes because I did not feel like delivering an instrument to my clients with mistakes in them. You would do the same, yes or no?

Why do I share this?

See, classical music is probably very important to you.

You are ready for whatever sacrifice in order to be able to serve music, and you've done already a lot.

But Classical Music does not belong just to you, anyway, that's what I believe and I wanted to share a bit more of what I believe.

And the tradition of violoncello da spalla does not belong just to me ( should I die tomorrow – this thing would go with me to the grave because I know what bloody hell of work, time, heart and money it takes to revive something that has become extinct.

Simply put – there will be no continuation. And a part of our culture will die again, potentially for ever.

This is why I am so passionate today about helping serious instrument makers to learn from myself about Violoncello da spalla and make it available to musicians in their countries.

After all, maybe these musicians really like the instrument, but they don't like myself. This can happen, LOL, right?

And that's 100% OKay with me.(hey, look, my advice to you is also not to try to be liked by everybody cause you might end up being liked by nobody).

If you are an instrument maker, and you're thinking outside the box, I will be speaking about building violoncello da spalla on a webinar soon again.

Who is this webinar for?

If you are an instrument maker and you're somewhere in your career where you are creating amazing instruments but not selling frequently enough and as a result have to spread thin on tasks you don't enjoy to do and you feel being caught in the thick of thin things.

or if you are in mid career and you've got a list of clients but you feel you could improve your reach and maybe find a better way than exhibition booths or magazine ads. That's what everybody does and I am not saying it does not work, but it's so… cutely costly past epoch when it was all about “me, me, me, me” .

or if you are established instrument maker and you got star-players playing your instruments but you felt you could make a bigger contribution into classical music.

Ready to learn for FREE more if you're an instrument maker?

If you don't want to miss it, click below (the best! no email needed, 100% works). Or simply send me a PM (not as good, I might forget and you will miss it).

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