Hi, it is my Birthday today!! 🍾🍰🍸💥🎉

This is why I wanted to give you two gifts. 🎁🎁

Gift #1

Limited one-time offer that will potentially save you €10,000 (I won’t speak about it in detail not to spoil the surprise) will be sent to people who loves what I do and either purchased an instrument of my design, or downloaded my free CD or my free eBook, or participated in my free online training.

If you’re on my list, CONGRATS! You will receive an email with this offer later today (check your mailbox).

And If you are not on my list not and you would like to benefit, no worries! – Simply visit my website and register today before 15:00 Amsterdam time.

If you rather want the other gift, no worries!

It is my Birthday and I wanted to give you a gift just for liking my Facebook page.

Gift #2

I wanted to share with you how I self-managed my own concerts profitably (up to €5,000 net per concert) in a rough environment, without government subsidies, without sponsors, without mafioso contacts, without dirty politics…even without being a full time musician but with a burning desire to make music and inspire people from stage (while still getting paid proportionally to the effort).

Would that be helpful?

Yes, to some musicians! Hopefully to you.

Who is this gift ideal for?

If you are a musician and if you want these two things:

1. You want to make music
2. You want to get paid appropriately


If you are tired of the situation in Classical music: the lack of support, competition, back-stage politics…

Don’t worry, those issues are not your fault, and there is always away. I walked the path!

If you want this, simply click on the link below, and download my free eBook.

No optin forms, no email address needed, no rubbish, no waste of time.

You just get what I promised. Instantly. FREE.

Simply click on the link below and get the issues solved.

==> https://m.me/badiarov.violins?ref=w2384859


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