This is a pandemic specially in Russia, the country where I was born. But I bet also elsewhere.

If you are a create person like myself and you want to achieve a result in your career (life, business, relationships, health….) that is radically different from what you have now, if it is not a journey from A to A, or even from A to B, but from A to Z (you get the point), it usually implies you have to take a radically NEW action.

And this is where 99.9% of people get stuck.

New is new, this means, there is not past record of acknowledgement, or experience etc.

So, most people tell themselves, they cannot take a new action because they are “not this, or not that”.

They identify themselves and limit themselves to their qualifications, past experiences etc.

Plus they are afraid that other people will also criticise them for taking new action.

All that mounts to a self-sabbotage disorder, also known as impostor syndrome. In this video I am explaining why it is B.S.

In the 21st century the progress is so fast that past experiences and past qualifications will be becoming obsolete really fast and it will be about CREATIVITY, speed of learning, adapting to the NEW, rather than memorizing the PAST.

Good news, in fact, specially if you are a creative person and you have a passion driven business or career (or want to start one).



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