If you are a violin maker this might be appealing to you.

I value your time, only violin makers please.

You're Going To Learn:

Secret #1

Secret #2

Secret #3

Potential risks: hey…

Good news: this will enable you to potentially live the dream, but

Bad news: this supposes standing out from the crowd.

Are you Okay with that?

If not, I will make this easy for you.

And then here is what will happen:

You will help musicians your clients in your country and they can play for their fans and have fun (and live their dreams too.

It's nicer to do it without unnecessary hassle or pain of being constantly rejected for their version of That Concerto being not the same as that bestselling CD, or for not finding a place in an orchestra for decades.

Look. Here is how it works.

There is place for everyone's creativity and everyone's version of their own heart.

How? That's what the seminar will be about.


How To Build Violoncello Da Spalla, Without Spending Thousands On Research And Get Massive Publicity For Free

FREE webclass exclusively for Instrument Builders


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