Are you a freelance violinist or violist, or a cellist? And if you’re full time or part time employed at some orchestra, do you still wish to play more concerts where you get to play the way you feel, and with musicians you really love to play together?

You know… with that kind of musicians where personal alchemy works in such a magic way that all of a sudden your playing becomes X-times better?

And if so, have you ever had an issue with this:

No subsidies?

No sponsors?

No promoters or festivals really interested, no political contact that would magically open all doors, and no one is really in hurry to give you a supporting hand? Meanwhile, the clock is ticking…

If you have ever been through this, then watch this video.

What I am sharing here works. And if this makes sense to you, share it with the musicians you want to play together.

One little secret: if you watch it and do nothing, it does not work 🙂 But if you watch it, learn and apply, I guarantee it works. I can’t do it for you, you have to do it. I hope this is fair.

Later let me know if this helped.

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