What makes a fine violin and what makes Badiarov violins very different from all the rest.
Discover the knowledge lost even in Italy in the middle of the 18th century; later instrument makers had no other option but resort to making copies and in the 20-21st century the Poster Epoch in violin making emerged.
Disguised as inspiration, it really is a desperation. In most cases those posters are glued on plywood in order to produce templates.
In some cases posters are glued directly on the wood.
The REASON behind those gracious shapes and the ancient philosophy of music has been lost.
Sadly, photographs lie.
Even the human eye is a lens. 50mm lens that is. And everything we see is distorted. And copies produced from photographs are distorted too.
This is a great way of making instruments, with all the respect to skilled copyists.
But I simply decided to take a different route, and go deep into our culture’s sources and find out what was in the minds of the Old Masters when they were making their original models, created my own method based on primary sources, refine it over the course of 25 years, produce great original instruments, educate musicians about the culture behind their instrument, educate instrument makers open to learning.
Watch this video. If you are a violinist, violist, cellist or instrument maker you might learn something new.
And if this is important to you, lets speak. Simply send me a message.
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