Splinters fall on the floor around my bench
with a ring of a tiny xylophone.

Wooden smell fills up the space.

It feels so comforting.

I wonder… could this be a therapy?

Playing this instrument certainly is.

Both for the heart and for a career
that can be SO MUCH MORE FUN.

Bach proved it. Caldara proved it,
Bononcini, Vitali, Torelli, Vivaldi, Corelli
proved it in the 17 century.

Kuijken, Malov, Balic Zunic, Terakado,
your humble servant proved it in the 21st century.

Unlike 17th century amateurs,
modern listeners love it because it is:

1. Different
2. It has an inspiring story in the past and an amazing story in the present… almost anecdotal. LOL… Classical Music Experts ignored it for 250 years? R U Kidding?

But this is what happened.

As we move on, Classical Music can become only more fun.
I guess, it’s a matter of choice: Fun or Status Quo.

Status Quo is boring [IMHO, you don’t have to agree, of course].
PROs: it does not need to be proven.
CONs: just look around.

Fun… Well, fun is fun.

Bach, Caldara, Bononcini, Vitali, Torelli, Vivaldi, Corelli had FUN,
this is MAYBE why we still know their names.

What do you recon?

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