After the magic concert of Dmitry Sinkovsky and Alexandra Koreneva. While I plan to write a proper article about this concert some time later, want to tell, their encore – Albinoni,’s Pianta Bella – once again proved musicians possess the top intelligence among other virtues. Playing the violin and singing at the same time, both to the perfection, and as if this was not enough, Alexandra transposing half-tone up, Dmitry’s singing in the convenient pitch, and playing the violin half-tone higher than the printed text. If somebody wants to know what it feels like try this: write a letter to someone and recite a poem at the same time. Or write something in English and at the same time read a book in Italian. Please, do both absolutely flawlessly, effortlessly, perfectly.

On the picture:
Dmitry Sinkovsky,
Alexandra Koreneva
your humble servant,
Three violins: N.Amati (in my hands) and two violins by Dmitry Badiarov inspired by the late Del Gesu yet both original.

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/* ]]> */ Original violin model based on Del Gesu by BadiarovAlena Baeva