A new violin inspired by the late Guarneri Del Gesu.

I started thinking about creating this new original violin model in the end of 2013 after having played on two Del Gesus as well as on a few modern and very successful violins. The project started to materialize in the beginning of 2014. In May the drawing was ready and while I was wiping off the lasts bits of eraser gum from the paper I already knew – I was going to make not one but four violins : two baroque and two modern.

Stainer was by far the most sought after violin-maker in the baroque period and I may well consider making a Stainer-esthetics baroque violin in the future. However in this violin I wanted to achieve a particular type of sound, the sound not achievable in a Stainer model, at least, it was not found in several authentic Stainers I have held in my hand and played.

2014 was a good year for the homage to one of the most inspiring violin-creators of all times for he died 270 years ago on 17 October 1744.

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