Four beautiful violins based upon the late Guarneri del Gesu, both of extraordinary wood, instruments in which I want to achieve ever more depth in the sound, inspiring even more agility and ease of playing.
The string length will be slightly shorter than in my model upon which I made several dozens of violins since 2002. The proportions of these violins will also be quite different from the ones I have been making earlier this year. The body is a little shorter but wider. Both instruments will be “antiquated” in my customary manner – without fake scratches and pseudo-cracks. I will simply enhance the natural beauty the wood already has and which cannot be made any more perfect. I might however wear out somewhat the varnish in the areas where it would wear out anyway, creating shadows around the purfling and around the bridge etc. to give them a more distinct look and three-dimensional effect, a sorts of trompe l’oeil. They will be beautiful. Two of these violins will be a baroque, another two – a modern. They are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014. One is already sold, and another is reserved by two violinists who compared them to several outstanding instruments. Get in touch with me to try the violins and discuss making a violin specially for you.

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